Tooth Extractions and More

Oral surgery is a solution for severe tooth pain, jaw soreness, and other dental complications; always be sure to consult your dentist before considering oral surgery. If decay, injury, disease, or orthodontic treatment causes you to need oral surgery, you may be referred to us.


We will work with you to determine the best anesthetic option to ensure your extraction is done in a safe and comfortable manner. A preoperative consultation and physical exam will be needed for patients undergoing anesthesia for surgery. Please notify our staff if you have any medical conditions that may complicate the surgery, or if you are currently taking any medication.


Oral Surgery for Wisdom Teeth


Third molars, more commonly known as wisdom teeth, are the last teeth to emerge and have a high likelihood of complications with their growth. Due to their location in the back of the mouth, wisdom teeth are often obstructed by crowding within the mouth and may become impacted (unable to emerge). They may even cause damage to surrounding teeth when there is not enough room for them to grow in fully.


When wisdom teeth are impacted, infected, or are likely to damage other teeth, it may be best to have them extracted. This is where oral surgery at Farmington Dental comes into play. Our experienced team will discuss your options with you and ensure your safety and comfort throughout.

Oral Surgery

Oral Exam Procedure

Our staff will evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth to predict if there are any current or future issues. Impacted third molars are extremely common, and early evaluation and treatment are the best way to resolve the issue. Choose Farmington Dental Studio for your oral evaluation and ensure the best oral health for you or your family.

Contact us today for more information on our oral surgery services. We offer some of the best oral care in Farmington Hills, and will consider the needs of every patient carefully.

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