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Dentistry's primary objective is to protect your natural teeth and maintain their condition for as long as possible. But there are situations when getting a tooth pulled is in your best interest. There are several reasons why this can be the case. Perhaps you have a tooth that has suffered significant decay or trauma, or you have an impacted wisdom teeth that could give you problems in the future. Perhaps your kid has crowding, or insufficient room for their adult teeth, and will soon have orthodontic treatment. Or perhaps your younger child still has a baby tooth that has to fall out but is stubbornly holding on.


Regardless of the cause, tooth extraction is typically a pretty routine treatment. The location of the tooth to be pulled in the mouth and the nature of its roots will determine how simple this procedure is. For instance, it is simpler to extract a front tooth with a single straight root than a molar with many roots. This is especially true if the molar in question is a wisdom tooth that is impacted, or hidden beneath the gum line and surrounded by bone. Frequently, teeth in the way of a wisdom tooth prevent it from fully erupting.


Wisdom Teeth Extractions


Any extraction procedure begins with an x-ray to determine the location of the tooth roots and the health of the surrounding bone. This will make it possible to foresee any potential issues. To make sure you are healthy enough to have the surgery done, a complete medical and medication history is obtained. Your alternatives for anesthetic will also be addressed.


Local anaesthetic is typically used during tooth extraction to numb the surrounding bone and gum tissues as well as the teeth that will be removed. From there we will begin the tooth removal process.


The socket will be wrapped with sterile gauze right away, and mild pressure will be given for 10 to 20 minutes to stop any bleeding. This could also be accomplished by using tiny sutures. It's usual to feel some mild to moderate swelling and/or pain after surgery. The majority of symptoms should be under control if non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and/or aspirin are taken the day of surgery. If you are in need of a tooth extraction, give our office a call today to schedule with our Farmington Hills office!

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