General Dentist in West Bloomfield, MI

Everyone needs a general dentist to manage their overall oral health care needs. A general dentist will take care of your basic needs, and refer you to a specialist for cosmetic procedures if not done in the office. You should visit your dentist once every six months to receive your regular dental cleaning and exam. 

What Is A General Dentist?

A general dentist will take care of your teeth, mouth, and gums. They can take care of gum cleaning, root canals, veneers, fillings, crowns, bridges, and educate on preventive care. They are considered your primary dental care provider. When an exam is performed the general dentist should be able to diagnose and treat any dental problem that may be arising in its early stages. Your general dentist should educate you on your oral hygiene and home care regimen to make sure you are doing what’s needed to keep your teeth in the best condition possible until your next visit. Your general dentist will do their best to take care of your basic oral health needs, and if needed can refer you to a specialist.

General Dentist vs. Specialist 

A general dentist will take care of your basic oral health and perform regular cleanings, x-rays, and preventive care. A specialist can perform all the procedures a general dentist can, but will typically only work on procedures that are within their specialty. A dental specialist can include pediatrician specialists, who only see infants, teens, and children with special needs. An orthodontist, who deals with preventing and correcting irregularities of the teeth, bite, and jaw. An oral surgeon, who deals with diseases of the mouth, jaw, teeth, gums, and removal of wisdom teeth, tumors, and cysts in the face. There are many other dental specialists, which is who you want to see if you are suffering from a difficult oral health problem.

General Dentist at Farmington Dental Studios in West Bloomfield, MI 

At Farmington Dental Studios in West Bloomfield, MI, Dr. Sam is your perfect general dentist. With many years of experience, he offers you a warm and friendly environment to keep up comfortable for your entire visit.  At Farmington Dental Studios, our focus is to meet the needs and goals of our patient’s oral health and while giving them the best quality service. We customize the best treatment plan to give you the smile of your dreams. If you are interested in learning more about our general dentistry care give us a call at (248) 516-0004 or contact us online so we can assist you with your oral health.

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